A representative Board of Directors

The Foundation is governed by a 15-member Board of Directors made up of the main benefactors and founders of the Foundation, major institutional partners, representatives of memorial associations and five leading fiures selected for their expertise in the Foundation's fields of action.

Officers: In addition to Jean-Marc Ayrault, the president, there are two vice-presidents (the president of Memorial ACTe and the representative of the city of Fort-de-France), a secretary (the representative of the EESC), and a treasurer (Laurence Lascary, who serves on the College of Leading Figures).

College of Founders

  • For CDC-Habitat, André YCHE, Chairman of the Management Board
  • For the city of Fort-de-France, Elisabeth LANDI, City Councillor
  • For the city of Nantes, Olivier CHATEAU, City Councillor

College of Institutional Partners

  • For the CNRS, Fabrice BOUDJAABA
  • For the Economic, Social and Environmental Council, Marie TRELLU-KANE, Councillor
  • For Memorial ACTe of Guadeloupe, Georges BREDENT, President

College of Remembrance Organizations

  • For the charity Anneaux de la Mémoire, Elise NDOBO, Vice-President
  • For the Comité Marche du 23 mai 1998 (CM98), Emmanuel GORDIEN, President

College of Leading Figures

  • Jean-Marc AYRAULT, former Prime Minister
  • Fanny GLISSANT, producer
  • Mémona HINTERMANN-AFFEJEE, journalist and reporter
  • Yanick LAHENS, writer
  • Laurence LASCARY, producer

Non-voting member

  • Government Commissioner, Bernard BOUCAULT, Prefect

Advisory members

  • Ericka BAREIGTS, President of the Territories Board
  • Romuald FONKOUA, President of the Academic Board
  • Pierre SAINTE-LUCE, President of the Board of Benefactors

The Fondation's four boards

The Foundation's articles of association provide that the work of the Board of Directors is prepared by four specialised boards, each of which opens the Foundation onto a particular sector of society.

All of these bodies meet at least once a year. Their members take part in the Foundation's Workshops, an annual forum bringing all stakeholders together.

The Advisory Board

Bringing together leading figures from civil society known for their institutional, professional, artistic, cultural or community-organizing contributions to the Foundation's purpose, the Advisory Board advises the Foundation on its strategic orientations and operations. The President of the Academic Board and four members also serve on it.

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The Academic Board

The official, multidisciplinary, and international interface between the Foundation and the world of research, the Academic Board approves all content disseminated by the Foundation.
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The Territories Board

Bringing together the 22 founding communities, as well as the other communities and associations of communities with which the Foundation maintains partnership relations, the Territories Board is consulted on all matters relating to relations between the Foundation and communities.
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The Board of Benefactors

This body represents major donors to the Foundation.
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Representatives of remembrance organizations

Finally, the two representatives of remembrance organizations on the Foundation's Board of Directors are elected by the "Friends of the Foundation", the list of which is drawn up every year in accordance with the Foundation's articles of association.