The Government


Privileged partnership

The Foundation has entered into a privileged partnership with the government in the form of a four-year agreement signed on 15 September 2019 by the Prime Minister of France and the Chairman of the Foundation at a formal ceremony at the Hôtel de Matignon.

The agreement joins 10 different ministries to the Foundation's actions

  • Ministry of Justice
  • Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs
  • Ministry of Defence
  • Ministry of Economy and Finance
  • Ministry of National Education
  • Ministry of Higher Education
  • Ministry of Research and Innovation
  • Ministry of Territorial Cohesion and Relations with Communities
  • Ministry of Overseas France
  • Ministry of Culture

The agreement joins an inter-ministerial delegation to the Foundation's actions

  • The Inter-Ministerial Delegation for the Struggle against Racism, Anti-Semitism and Anti-LGBT Hatred, which reports directly to the Prime Minister’s Office