Portrait de Christiane Taubira

Christiane Taubira

Former Minister of Justice

Author of the law of 21 May 2001

Chaired by Christiane Taubira, the Support Committee brings together leading figures from the worlds of academia, education, the arts, the economy and the media who support the Foundation's project and share its ambitions.

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The Foundation for the Remembrance of  Slavery will enable the country to take responsibility for its past and legitimize all its children. More than that, it will raise France to the height of its ideals. For the world in which French companies operate, this country is a demanding reference. Supporting the Foundation means earning one’s place in the present and the future of many populations.
Léonora Miano, author


  • Christiane Taubira: President of the Support Committee
  • Claire Andrieu: Historian
  • Pascal Blanchard: Historian
  • Patrick Chamoiseau: Author
  • Marc Cheb Sun: D'ailleurs et D'ici NGO
  • Alain Chouraqui: President of the Camp des Milles Foundation
  • Michel Colardelle: General Curator of Heritage
  • Maryse Condé: Author, former president of the CNMHE
  • Catherine Coquery-Vidrovitch: Historian
  • Myriam Cottias: Historian, CNRS, former President of the CNMHE
  • Bertrand Dicale: Journalist
  • Doudou Diène: Diplomat
  • John Franklin: National Museum of African-American History and Culture
  • Jacques Galvani: Entrepreneur
  • Isabelle Giordano: President of UniFrance
  • Fanny Glissant: Director
  • Sylvie Glissant: Director of the Tout-Monde Institute
  • Steevy Gustave: Producer
  • Yasmine Ho-You-Fat: Actress
  • Ivan Jablonka: Historian
  • Olivier Laouchez: CEO of the Trace TV group
  • Chantal Loïal: Choreographer
  • Alain Mabanckou: Author
  • Jean-François Manicom: Curator of the International Slavery Museum in Liverpool
  • Jacques Martial: Actor
  • Daniel Maximin: Author
  • Leonora Miano: Author
  • Pap Ndiaye: Historian
  • José Pentoscrope: Economist
  • Corinne Sainte-Luce: Doctor
  • Pierre Sainte-Luce: Physician, sociologist
  • Jacques Schwarz-Bart: Musician
  • Simone Schwarz-Bart: Author
  • Bintou Simporé: Journalist
  • Leïla Sy: Film Director
  • Ibrahima Thioub: University Provost
  • Cheikh Anta Diop
  • Agnès Troublé: "Agnès B", fashion designer
  • Françoise Vergès: Political scientist, former president of the CNMHE
  • Jean-Claude William: Chairman of the Academic Advisory Board of the Aimé Césaire Foundation
  • Lionel Zinsou: Former Prime Minister of Benin

French diversity is not new. It is the fruit of a long history, full of drama, but also rich in encounters, culture and battles. Supporting the Foundation for the Remembrance of Slavery means helping this diversity to be better understood, its contribution better acknowledged, for a stronger and more united France.


Jacques Gavani, entrepreneur and President of the Club XXIè Siècle (21st Century Club)