Slavery has had a significant impact on our history: it gave rise to the France in which we now live – a territory that stretches across several continents, a population of diverse origins, a Republic founded on human rights.

Enabling young people to understand how present-day France – its geography, culture, values and diversity – is the product of this four-century history is a fundamental mission of the Foundation.

We offer teachers and all educators a set of resources and tools for educating young people about this complex history, so that they can all grasp today’s world and become full-fledged citizens of it. The education program supports teachers and students in a range of different ways.

The Foundation has produced an analysis of school textbooks, and offered suggestions on how to improve how slavery is addressed in teaching. Read the"Slavery in School Textbooks and Curricula: 7 Proposals" note (in French) 


In partnership with the French Ministry of Education, as well as with various cultural institutions and organizations, the Foundation provides a variety of training courses on the history of slavery, the slave trade and their abolition for teachers, trainers and youth leaders throughout the year.

A schedule of available training courses will be published at the beginning of the school year.


Digital resources 

The Foundation aims to provide teachers with a wide range of resources in order to enable them to have an up-to-date approach to the history of slavery and its legacies in their teaching practices. The resources are designed to be used with cross-curricular projects.

Academic resources: articles, reports, book reviews, bibliographies, etc.

Educational proposals based on a diverse range of original documents (objects, archives, works of art, archaeological sites, music and more.) to offer a different approach to he history of slavery by diversifying points of view. These educational tools have been developed by the FRS itself or by partner institutions that are experienced in designing high-quality teaching materials, such as INRAP's "Archaeology of Colonial Slavery" archaeo-capsule, for which we have entered into a partnership for distribution at the national level.

Digital content: video capsules, info-graphics, podcasts, biographies, maps and interactive documents


The FRS' resource materials

  • The Foundation is working on creating teaching kits for classroom activities.

  • A travelling exhibition will be available for schools in 2021.


The heritage of slavery

In all the societies concerned, both in Europe and around the world, there is a varied, sometimes unexpected and often little-known heritage relating to the history, memories, representations and legacies of slavery. These heritage resources are all traces that can be explored with students in order to address the extent of the historical phenomenon of slavery in the past and to understand its legacies in our society today.

  • Tangible heritage: museums, memorials, archive centres, buildings, archaeological sites, urban tours, etc.
  • Intangible heritage: literature, music, dance, sports, cuisine, botany, languages...
  • The work of contemporary artists
  • The network of more than 50 Heritage institutions initiated by the "Patrimoines déchaînés" (Unchained Heritage) meeting in 2019 makes it possible for these resources to be available near you.

Discover the 2019 "Patrimoines déchainés” Encounters


Every year since 2015, the national "Flame of Equality" school competition has invited teachers and students to do a project about the history of the capture of and trade in slaves, the lives of slaves and the struggles for abolition, as well as on their relics, impacts and contemporary legacies.

This competition, run by the Foundation in partnership with the Ligue de l'enseignement, is open to all school levels throughout France and to French schools abroad. The Foundation is working to increase the number of classes and their diversity, to facilitate participation and to offer attractive prizes.

Find out more


In order to enable constant enrichment of resources and sharing educational experiences, teachers who wish to do so may register from the beginning of the school year 2021 in a dedicated shared space on this site to:

  • offer their contributions
  • share their information and new
  • host the achievements of their students
  • correspond with each other to facilitate working together in the same region, or to find “sister schools” in continental or overseas France


The FRS can support your projects within the framework of its calls for educational projects specifically aimed at schools:

  • by promoting them with a label that acknowledges their educational value.
  • by supporting them financially.
  • by helping them to find the right people for the project, including experts in:
    • the visual arts
    • dance
    • music
    • theatre
    • writing
    • anti-racism and discrimination workshops
    • critical-thinking workshops

Calls for proposals are annual and will be announced on the website and social media.